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Looking For a Reliable, Affordable, Hassle-free, and Cheap Reseller Hosting Solution. Then Qnicithost.com is the Right Place For You! We offers a wide range of features at very affordable prices. Qnicithost.com has been chosen as the 1 hosting company because of its customer satisfaction and reliability.

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Qnicithost.com offers a robust service platform at affordable prices with a top-tier customer experience. Our servers are known for being powerful and stable, and Our customer service is unparalleled! When comparing hosting providers, look to see what they provide technical support and reliability. You'll want to make sure you buy enough space to meet any traffic spikes and have plenty of bandwidth for streaming videos, music, etc. Also, ensure that you get ample disk space. since many web apps require lots of storage space. We provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts! They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and Get 24/7 support. Our reseller agreement allows You to host multiple customers' sites under one umbrella. ensuring that all your clients receive the same high-quality service as well as access to all the same features. Qnicithost website is also easily navigable, making it simple to search for products and services.




  • 20GB SSD Disk Space
  • 200 GB Data Transfer
  • Sell 5 cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Domain Allowed
  • 1Gbps Network Port
  • cPanel - Control Panel



  • 40 GB Storage Space
  • 400 GB Data Transfer
  • Sell 10 cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Domain Allowed
  • 1Gbps Network Port
  • cPanel - Control Panel



  • 80 GB Storage Space
  • 800 GB Data Transfer
  • Sell 15 cPanel Accounts
  • Unlimited Domain Allowed
  • 1Gbps Network Port
  • cPanel - Control Panel

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Why Reseller Hosting Service is Good?

Reseller hosting service is an ideal solution For who want to launch their own website. It provides users with the opportunity to host their own websites, and resell bandwidth (space) on shared servers owned by the provider. In essence, the user gets to lease space on the server, much like leasing a car. Shared servers are cheaper than dedicated servers, but offer fewer features and capabilities. Most providers offer a free trial period before committing to a long-term contract. There may be limitations placed on how many visitors you are allowed to receive at any given time, but these limits are rarely exceeded.

What's Best About Qnicithost Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting services are a great way to start a website. Qnicithost offers cheap prices for their service, but we highly recommend using a host that offers unlimited service. With unlimited web hosting plans, you don't have to worry about how much space your site might use. We provide give you access to their own control panels, which makes managing your website much easier. There are tons of reasons to choose Our web hosting services. and Qnicithost is just one of them! Check out our website now to discover more information about our services and features.

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