Send emails quickly and easily! Each recipient will get their own email, and won’t see who else the email is sent to Send personalized emails! You can insert recipient fields such as “First Name” or “Country into your email. Easily import recipients from text files, CSV files and Excel spreadsheets Supports sending email using SMTP server, DNS Send, Pickup Service and Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES). Use the powerful WYSIWYG editor to easily create your HTML emails. Setup pausing to accommodate the email sending to your SMTP servers limits. Supports import recipients from ODBC databases like Oracle, SQL Server, Access and MySQL.

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A good email software is essential to successfully manage multiple emails. It makes sure that all incoming emails get delivered in due time and helps users organize their inboxes effectively. In addition, it lets users send out bulk or individualized emails at any given time. The best email sender software should allow users to select templates and customize them according to the messages they wish to send. Moreover, it gives users the freedom to create customized signatures that would help identify them while sending emails.

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Gmail is undoubtedly the best known email service in the world today. It is owned by Google, and claims to have almost half a billion active users worldwide.

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